Family disputes

Disputes between spouses and other close relatives are very often escalate into civil dispute. In this case, you need the assistance of a lawyer


Housing disputes

Check-in/check-out, issues recognition lost the right to living quarters and many others can be resolved after consulting a lawyer


Recovery  debts

Acceptance of the inheritance, Disclaimer of inheritance, the opening of the inheritance, not only where we cannot do without the assistance of a lawyer

The lawyer for civil matters will provide effective legal assistance in civil cases: will help avoid unnecessary costs, guarantee the absence of delay and unnecessary procedures be done everything for your success.
Criminal lawyer defends the interests of the principal at any stage of the proceedings. Specialist prepares procedural documents, participates in court, controls the actions of law enforcement agencies with respect to the client.
Counsel for Administrative Affairs will provide you with qualified legal assistance that will successfully prove their case in an administrative dispute.

Criminal lawyer

Consultation of the lawyer in criminal cases must be based on the examination anddetailed analysis of the materials of the criminal case, interviewing the defendant and witnesses for the defence. The lawyer must honestly, intelligently and faithfully to defend the interests of his client, provide advice and help elect a fertile line of Defense. Criminal process consists of several distinct stages, which are inextricably linked. The participation of counsel at each stage is strictly defined tasks. Lawyer conducts criminal proceedings for two reasons: either on the basis of the agreement on the provision of legal assistance in the criminal proceedings, either by appointment orby a court investigator.


The lawyer for civil matters

The lawyer for civil matters helps the principal not just to convey its position before the Court, but also determine whether there is a dispute on the right and is there any reason to go to court, what a way to restore the infringed right to elect. Counsel in civil cases provides the principal access to justice formulates arguments, requirements and requests from the trusting domain to the Court and the opposite side of the dispute. The lawyer for civil matters helps Principal competently prepare required documents: statements, Petitions, claims, responses, objections, requests and differenttreatment.